Representatives of Harmony 1 Ltd. took part in the Information seminar on DIVET JOINT QUALIFICATION FOR EXPORT SPECIALISTS VIA INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA, ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME, conducted by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The seminar presented the proposal submitted to the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training /NAVET/, a proposal from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in its capacity as an officially recognized and nationally representative organization of employers for updating the List of Professions for Vocational Education and Training with the inclusion of a new specialty "Organizer of online export activities through social media", to the profession "Organizer internet applications".

The proposal was adopted by the Management Board of NAVET and submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science.
Certificates were given to participants in pilot training at the Information seminar.

The participants themselves expressed their satisfaction with the training conducted and its effectiveness.
Harmony 1 Ltd. continues to work to improve the curriculum by profession "Organizer internet applications" and implementation of the established skills and competences of the DiVET Joint Qualification for Export Specialists through Internet and Social Media project, Erasmus+ programme.